1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Hot Gin Sling. U:e medium bar g lass, hot. One teaspoonful sugar. One wine-glass Holland gin. Fill up with hot water ; stir well, grate a little nu tmeg on top and serve.

Hot Scotch Whiskey Sling. Use hot-water glass. One wine-glass Scotch whiskey. One lump sugar. One piece lemon peel. F ill glass three-quarters full with boiling water, grate n utmeg on top and serve.

Whiskey Smash. Use large bar glass.

One-half tablespoonful sugar. Two or three squirts seltzer. Two or three sprigs mint, pressed to extract essence, as in j ulep. Fill h alf glass with fine ice. One wiue·glass whisk ey. Stir well ; strain into a fancy or sour glass ; dress with a little fruit, berries, etc., and serve.


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