1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Tom Collins. Use extra large ba1· glass. Three-quarters tablespoonful sugar. Three or four dashes lime juice. Three or four pieces broken ice. One wine-glass Old Tom gin. One bottle plain soda. Mix well with a spoon, strain and serve.

Attention must be paid not to let the foam of the soda spread over the glass ; this drink must be drank as soon as mixed. \ • Commodore. [This drink which was invented by Phil Gross, CinciJlnati, 0., won the Po:r,1cE; GAZETTE champion– ship medal in the 1899 bartenders' contest.] One-half lime. One jigger whiskey. One teaspoonful sugar. Two dashes orange bitters. Silake well and strain into a thin goblet and serve.

Horse's Neck:. Use large size fizz glass. Pt;el lemon in one long string, place in glass so one end hangs over.

Three or four lumps broken ice. Fill with imported ginger ale.


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