1903 Daly's bartenders' encyclopedia

the glass with club soda and add


three thin slices of lime, and serve.


Use a mixing glass. 3 dashes of raspberry syrup. i spoonful of powdered sugar dissolved in seltzer. Juice of one whole lime. Fill the glass with shaved ice, and spoon well; ta'ke a large punch glass, put in four or five blackberries, four or five raspberries, one slice of pineapple ; mash in bottom of glass, so as to extract juice; then pour the mixture into punch glass, on top of mashed fruit, and serve. This is much sought after by bankers arid brokers and considered by them unequalled. i wine glass of whiskey. i pony glass of Jamaica rum.


Use a large, thin goblet,

lump of loaf sugar.


, 2 dashes of aromatic bitters,

i dash of white curacoa. in

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