1903 Daly's bartenders' encyclopedia

2 "3 jigg er °f whiskey. Fill up the glass with fine ice. Shake with a shaker until the outside of the shaker is white with frost, strain into a straight bar glass, twist a piece of lemon peel on top, and serve. Manhattan and Martini Cocktail should be made the same way, except using orange bitters. shaved


Use a mixing glass.

i spoonful of sugar. 3 or 4 dashes of lemon juice. Fill the glass with fine ice, the balance with water. Shake well with a shaker, decorate with fruit in season, and top it off with claret, and serve with straws.


Use a cocktail glass. Take the glass and pack it

with very fine

ice. Fill the glass with creme de menthe, and serve with small straws.


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