1903 Daly's bartenders' encyclopedia

Fill the glass with shaved ice, and shake well. Ornament with sprays of mint, sliced orange, and fruit in season, sprinkle a little pulver- ized sugar on top, and add a dash of Jamaica rum. This stimulant is an extremely exhilarat- ing one, and a great favorite with the elite of the South, where it has been in vogue for many years. SHERRY WINE PUNCH. spoonful of sugar. 1-3 wine glass of seltzer water. 2 or 3 dashes of lemon juice. 1^ wine glass of sherry wine. Fill the glass with fine ice, shake well with shaker, dress the top with fruit in season, and serve with straws. SHERRY WINE SANGAREE. Use a punch glass. i or 2 dashes of raspberry syrup. •J

Use a sour glass.

2 spoonfuls of sugar.

or 2 lumps of ice.


1 wine glass of sherry wine. Stir well and add a little nutmeg.


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