1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

How to Mix A ll K inds of Drinks .


PEPPERMINT. I drachm oil of peppermint. 3 pints rectified spirit (60 0 . P .). 13 pints cordial syrup. Proceed as in the foregoing.

GINGER. Bruise half a pound of the best new Jamaica ginger in an iron mortar, and put it in a bottle contain– ing one pint of spirit of wine (60 0. P.), and one pint of water, allow it to macerate for ten or twelve days, shaking it up well each morning. After the twelfth day transfer it to a funnel containing a paper filter; when all the liquid has run through pass two pints of sherry over it, and lastly, one pint of boiling water. This will y ield r ather better than half a gallon of liquid. When all are mixed, dissolve in this one ounce of burned sugar, and having added twelve pints of syrup , shake the whole well up, and fine with alum, etc. GINGER GIN. Take the best Jamaica ginger, bruised small, half • a pound; boil it in one gallon of water, and strain through fine muslin. In this dissolve ten pounds of refined sugar by means of a gentle heat. Over the bruised ginger which remains in the muslin strainer pass one gallon unmixed gin (0. P .), mix this and the syrup of ginger together, add finings, and set aside to clear.

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