1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

T he Complete Bu ffet Guide, or



X oz. essence of lemon. X oz. essence of citron. X oz. essence of amber. X oz. essence of peppermint. X oz. essence of bergamot.

~ oz. essence of rose. 2 gallons proof-spirit . 5 pints capillaire. Mix all together ; shake frequently, and in one month filter through flannel.


~ lb. lemon peel, cut small. ~ oz. fennel seed, in coarse powder.

X oz. cardamoms. 1 drachm aniseed. 1 drachm cloves. 2 gallons proof spirit. 4 pints capillaire.

Macerate the peel and the powders in the spirit for fourteen days , then press and filter , ·and add the capillaire. CITRON. 12 oz. lemon peel. 1 oz. essence of saffron. 2 gallons proof spirit. ~ gallon capillaire. Macerate the peel in the spirit for fourteen days, then add the essence of saffron anr.l capillaire.

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