1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

The . Complete Buffet Guide, or


add yeast. Let the wine stand open 10 days, stirring from the bottom, several times each day . Then put it in a cask , and keep it full 'up to the bung with liquor reserved for that purpose, as it works out. RHUBARB WINE. Chop the Rhubarb plant, drain off the juice, and to each quart, add a quart of water and 2 pounds of sugar. Let it ferment, and bottle when clear.


One quart tomato juice. One pound sugar.

Use no yeast, as it will ferment without it. This wine is much thought of in some places, and is easy to make.


CHERRY BRANDY. Bruise 3 lbs. of black cherries, wild ones preferable, cracking the stones; put the mass into a jar, with a few young cherry leaves. Add 3 pints of brandy or pure spirit; in three months strain off. Add .2 lbs. of clear sugar, after which it will be ready for use in a week.

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