1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis


T he Complete B-uffet Guide , or

SHERRY EGG NOGG NO. I. (Use small bar glass. )

1 tablespoonful sugar. 1 fresh egg.

1 pony-glass brandy. 1 wine-glass sherry. Fill up with shaved ice. Shake well ; strain into a fancy bar glass. Serve with. nutmeg on top.

SHERRY EGG NOGG NO. 2. (Use small bar glass.)

2 teaspoonfuls sugar. 1 fresh egg. 2 wine-glass.es sherry. ~ glass shaved ice. Fill with milk; shake thor– oughly; nutmeg on top.

GOLDEN FIZZ. (Use large bar gl ass. )

1 egg (yolk only.) .I tablespoonful powdered white sugar.

2 or 3 dashes lemon or lime juice. 1 wine-glass Old Tom .gin or whisky. U glass shaved ice. Use the shaker well; strain into a fizz glass. Fill up with Seltzer or Apollinaris and drink imme– diately..

MORNING GLORY FIZZ. (Use medium ba r glass .) Fill the glass one-half full of shaved ice..

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