1903 The Complete Buffet Guide or How to Mix All Kinds of Drinks by V.B. Lewis

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T he Coni plete B u ffet Gui de , or

GIN AND MILK. (Use whisky glass .)

Put out a glass and bar spoon with the b t:ittle o f gin, allowing t he customer t o h elp h imself; after he has done so, fill up the glass with ice-cold milk.

HARI-KARI. (Use small bar glass .)

Make a whisky sour large enough to h alf fill a brandy glass or tumbler when strained, an d fi ll with Apollinaris , Seltzer or Vichy to su it the party. Dress with fruit s in season. BRANDY JULEP. (Use small bar glass.) IS made the same as Mint Julep, omitting the fancy fixings , however. CHAMPAGNE JULEP. (Use large · bar glass. ) 1 t ablespoonful white pulverized sugar. 1 sprig mint ; press to extract t he essence. Pour t he wine into t he glass slowly , st ir ring gently cont inually. Dress wit h sliced orange, gr apes an d b erries , t astily and serve. GIN JULEP. · (Use large b ar glass .) Fill with shaved ice. · I t ablespoon ful powdered sugar.

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