1904 A book of beverages..

& Iced "Drinks


Ambrosia Lemonade ONE gallon of strong Lemonade. One bottle of " Ambrosia." Mix, and ice.

The Lemonade should not be

too sweet.

Pineapple Lemonade

ONE cup of Sugar. One cup of Water. Juice of two Lemons.

One cup of canned or fresh Pineapple.

Boil the Sugar and-^Water until the syrup threads. Press out the juice of the Pineapple and add it and the Lemon Juice to the syrup. When ready to serve add Water and Sugar to taste, and serve ice-cold.

Milk Lemonade ONE and one half pounds of Sugar. One quart of boiling Water. One quarter of a pint of Lemon Juice.

One quarter of a pint of Sherry. Two thirds of a pint of Cream.

Dissolve Sugar in boiling Water, add Lemon Juice and Sherry, and lastly Cream. After stir- ring thoroughly, strain and serve with cracked Ice.

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