1904 A book of beverages..

& Iced Drinks


Grape-Fruit Cocktail TWO thirds cup of Grape-Fruit Juice. One third cup of Sherry. One tablespoonful of Rum. Shake with one cup of fine Ice and strain into six small glasses.

Cider Ne&ar TWO wineglasses of Cider.

One wineglass of Mineral Water.

One quarter wineglass of Sherry. One half teaspoonful of~Lemon Juice. One tablespoonful of Sugar. Twist of Lemon Peel. Stir well, trim with Fruits, and flavor with Nutmeg.

Ginger Ale Julep

ONE cup of Sugar.

Juice of six large Lemons. One half dozen long stalks of Mint. One cup of pounded Ice. Two bottles of Ginger Ale.

Dissolve Sugar in Lemon Juice. Put in pitcher. Bruise lower leaves of Mint stalks. Add Mint and Ice. Shake well, and add Ginger Ale.

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