1904 A book of beverages..

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Mulled Claret and Egg ONE tablespoonful of Powdered Sugar. One half teaspoonful of Lemon Juice. One half teaspoonful of fine Allspice. One teaspoonful of Cinnamon. One half teaspoonful of Cloves. One and three quarters glass of Claret. Boil, and pour slowly over yolks of two Eggs beaten up with a little white Sugar, mixing all the time. Serve with Nutmeg on top.

Mulled Sherry ONE cup of boiling Water. One dozen Cloves. One half dozen Cassia Buds.

One tablespoonful of broken stick Cinnamon.

Boil these one minute. Beat four Eggs and one half cup of Sugar until light and add gradually, stirring constantly. Add one cup of hot Sherry, and serve. Virginia Nightcap BOIL one quart of Cider, one teaspoonful of whole Allspice, one half teaspoonful of Cassia Buds for three minutes, and add three Eggs thoroughly beaten. Serve hot. — [ 34 ]

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