1904 A book of beverages..

Some Early (tAmerican leverages

Spruce Beer THREE gallons of Water of blood warmth. Three half pints of Molasses. One tablespoonful of Essence of Spruce. One tablespoonful of Ginger. One gill of Yeast. Mix together; let it stand overnight and bottle in the morning. It will be fit to drink in twenty- four hours. Old Salem Receipt [Mrs. Charles H. Masury y State Regent of Massachu- settSy Daughters of the American Revolution'] Cherry Bounce PUT the Cherries, having cracked the stones, in a demijohn. Fill with Whiskey and one pound and a half of Loaf Sugar to each gallon of Whiskey. Let stand three or four months, shaking frequently. Sarsaparilla Mead THREE pounds of Sugar. Five gills of Molasses. Four ounces of 'Tartaric Acid. Three pints of Water. One ounce Essence of Sassafras. Heat very hot in a brass kettle, but do not boil. When cold, add Essence. Old Nantucket Receipt [4]

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