1904 A book of beverages..

Some Early (^American leverages

Three Old Family Punches

ONE pound of Loaf Sugar.

[hot. One cup of strong English Breakfast Tea,

Thin pared Rind of half an Orange. Thin pared Rind of half a Lemon. Infuse for three or four hours. Two wineglasses of Old t Medford Rum. Two wineglasses of Brandy. Two wineglasses of Whiskey. , . Juice of three Oranges, large. '•*•> -

Juice of three Lemons, large. One cup of chopped Pineapple. One tumbler of Claret.

One pint bottle of Maraschino Cherries. Two lumps of Ice as big as one's fist. Let stand one half hour or more on Ice, and add a pint of Champagne the last thing be- fore serving. [Miss Louise Bigelow]

FOUR cups of Old Rum. Four cups of Sugar.

Four cups of best Green Tea. Juice of twenty-four Lemons. Let stand for four days, and strain.

[Mrs. Lynde Sullivan]


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