1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



service. Whenever you use an impl e– ment or working a rticle of any kind put it back in its proper place the mo– ment you are through with it. vVhen drinks are ordered- whether one, two or a dozen- have the price well fixed in your mind before serving - make the calculation quickly whilst preparing to serve, so that you will not have to hesitate at the cash r egister. See t hat you get all that is due you and be very careful not to give a cus– tomer short change. With modificat ions to meet different conditions, these few essential instructions can be advan– tageously applied in every first-class bar; but to formulate a set of rules to meet the requirements of every bar business would be practically impos– sible. Taking, however, t hese instrnc– t ions as a general guide t he bar man w ill in every instance be better able to act intelligently when called upon to exercise his common sense and judg– ment. After twisting l emon peel over a cock tail t hrow it in or leave it out as customer may prefer. The fl avor will be the same in both cases. W here many cocktails are served in– stead of mixing sugar for every order, dissolve a quantity of loaf sugar in bot water; strain and bottle it and use by · dashing it from a bitters bottle- All mixed drinks containing an effer vescent liquid should be stirred with a spoon and not shaken. When mixing bot drinks use thin glass, and by placing a spoon in the glass before pouring in the hot water ~'Oll will save breakage. Always rinse the glass wit h bot water befor e mak– ing the drink in ord er to serve it hot. Unleeii §erved .iu a ~te!ll glass, never

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