1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

11 6 C:HOTCE RECIPES Cordials, Liqueurs and Extracts. Abrieotine. Absinthe. Anisette. Benedictin e. Celery Ex.tract. Chartreuse. C:reme-De-C:ocoa_ Creme-De-Menthe. Creme Yvette. (Juraeoa. K irchwasser. Kuemmel (G ilka or Russia). Maraschino. Vermouth (Fr ench or Italian). Liquors, Domestic and Imported. Beers, Ales and Porters. Belfast Ginger Ale. Domestic Ginger Ale. B randies. Gins. Rums. Whiskies. Wines. Burgundy. Champagne. Catawba (Sweet aml Dry). Claret . Hoek. Madeira. Moselle. Port. Rhine Wines. Sauterne.

Sherry. Tokay.


Apollinaris. B romo Seltzer. Congr ess Water. Delatom Soda. French Vichy. Hathorn Water.

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