1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Ice, 3 1 U!.11 ps. Sarsaparilla, 1 bottl e. Ginger ale, 1 bot tle.

Bra ce Up.

Use large bar glass. Powder ed sugar, 1 tabl espoonful. Angostura or Boker 's bitters,


dashes. Lemon juice, 3 dashes. Lime jui ce, 1 dash. Anisette, 2 dashes. Egg, 1. Brandy, %, glass. Shaved ice, lh glass.

Shake well in shak er, strain into large glass, fill with Apollinaris or

Seltzer, and ser ve. Brandy, Pony of.

Use small bar glass, placing same be– fore customer, and another glass con– taining ice water. Brandy, 1 pony glass. Pour from pony glass into the empty gl ass on bar. Brandy and Ginger Ale.

Use large punch glass. Brandy, 1 wineglass. Ginger ale, 1 bottle. Stir with spoon and serve. Bran dy and Soda . Use large punch glass. Ice, 2 pieces.

Brandy, 1 wineglass. Plain soda, 1 bottl e. Stir and serve.

Brandy, Burnt. Loaf sugar, place in a saucer, 2 lumps. Cognac,.11h jiggers. Set on fire and allow brandy and sugar to burn for about 2 minutes. Ex-

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