1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe


Then to this flowing bowl did I ad– journ, My lip th e secret well of life to learn; And lip to lip it murmur 'd- ' 'Whil e you live, Drink!- for once dead you never shall r eturn. '' -Omar Khayyam. * NEVER MIND THE KNOCKERS. ''Never mind the kuockers. Go a head a nd make your play; They 're in every worker's way; Never mind the knockers. Every one who seeks to shine, Jf successful, they malign ; 'Tis of fame a certain sign- N ever mind the knockers. They strike only those who climb; Never mind the knockers. 'Tis success they deem a crime; Never mind t he knockers. If they h ammer at your name, Th en, he sure, you 're in the game ; 'Tis a species of acclaim ; Never mind the knockers. '' * Laugh and the worl d laughs with you, Weep and you weep alone; For this grand ol d earth must borrow its mirth, It has troubl es enough of its own. * "Happy days. " * "Set 'em up again." 123

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