1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

SELEC'rED TOASTS i21 Hero i s to t he land of the sham rock so gtee n; Here is to each lad his darling coll een ; H ere is to th e land wo love dea rest and most; May God bless old I r el:rnll, is an J.rish– man 's toast. * TO THE HARDWARE TRADE. Although they profess to honesty 1 They sell iron a nd steel fo r a li vin g. * To our America n boys-who hav e a rms for th eir girls a nd a rm s for t hr ir country's fo es. "Friend of my son!! this goblet sip– "rwill ch ase th e pensiv e t ear; 'Tis not so sweet as woman's lips But, 0 ! '~is more sin cer e." * TO A CHAPERONE. ''Here 's to a chaper one, May she learn from Cupic · Just en ough blindness To be sweetly stupid.'' · * H ere is to a l ong life and may yon li ve a thou sand years a nd I a thousa nd y ears, less one day, for I woulu n ot care to live after you had passed away. * ''May Dame Fortune ever smile on you ; But never h er daughter-Miss For– tune.'' * ''Drink to a f air wo1n an who, I think, Is most entitled to it, , For if any thing ever can drive me to drink, She certainly can do it.' '

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