1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

26 FANCY DRINKS: dered sugar. Stir and strain into the prepar eu glass. Dre!ls with fruit a ud ser ve. Crust a, Gin. Make t he same as Bra ndy Crusta, above, substituting gin for. brandy. Crusta, St. Croix. Use large bar glass. Ice, shaved, fill glass l/! full . Orchanl syr up, 4 dashes. Angostura or Boker 's bitters, 1 J ush. P r epare a cocktail glass as directed for Brandy Custra, a bove; stir a_nll strain into prepared glass; dress wit h fruit and berries and ser ve. Crust a, Whisk ey. Use large bar gl ass. Ice, shaved, fill giass :If:! full. Gum syrup, 4 claslies. Angostura bitters, 2 clashes. Lemon juice, 2 dashes. L emon juice, 1 dash. Maraschino, 2

Oranges, sliced, 8. L emons, sliced, 4. Curacoa, 1 quart. Chartreuse, 1 pint. Abricotine, 1 pint. Cognac, 1 quart. Tokay wine, l ' qua rt.

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