1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Brantly , 1-6 glass. . Pour in car efully each ingreu1ent so they will not mix. Serve. Pousse Cafe, P arisian. Use pousse cafe glass. Curncoa, 2-5 glass. Kirsclnvasser, 2-5 glass. Cha r tr euse, 1-5 glass. Use care to avoil1 color s mixing, aI!l1 serve.

Om;: ON THE Boss

Pousse L'Amour.

Use sherry glass. . Creme de vanille; pour little in glass. Egg, the yolk of 1, car efully laid on top of Cr eme de Vanille. , . .Maraschina, cover the yolk of egg w ith. Cognac ; fill up the glass. Serve. Punch, Arrack. Use punch glass. Ice, 1 piece. Batavia ar rack, %, jigger.

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