1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Gin, plain, 1h jigger. Vermouth 1 pony . Ginger al ~; fi ll up glass. Dress with fruits ; stir and scrv'e. Rickey, Gin. Use rickey glass. Jee, 1 Jump. Lime or lemon; t he juice of 1. Gin; allow customer to pour. Seltzer or any carbonated watc; fill up with. Serve. Rickey, Scot ch. Use medium size tumbler. Ice, 1 lump. L ime, 1h of 1 squeezed into glass. Lemon juice, 2 dashes. Scotch whiskey, 1 wineglass. Seltzer; fill up glass. Serve. , I . .,. Rock and Rye. Use small bar glass. Rock candy syrup, 1 teaspoonful. Whisk ey; allow customer to pour. Leave spoon in glass and servo with wat er on side. Rum, But t er ed. Use t umbler. Suga r, 1 lump dissolved in hot water. Rum; nil glass 1-3 full. Hot water ; fill glass almost full. Butter , a piece as lar ge as a walnut. Serve with nutmeg on top. Rum, Hot, Spiced. Prepare the same as Hot Rum, adding cloves and allspice. Rum, H ot. Use hot water glass. Sngar, 1 lump dissolved in little 1ot water.




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