1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe


CHOICE RECIPES add 1 pint of yeast; let stand 16 hours and skim and fil ter. When bo ttling tie corks down securely. Beer, Ginger. B rown sugar, 2 lbs. Boiling water, 2 gallons. Stir well; put mixture in a keg, add· ing a pint of goocl yeast ancl bung tight· ly. Shak e the k eg well ; l et it stand 24 hours and th en bottle it. In ten clayll it will be in beautiful co ndition, spark· ling like win e. Molasses, 1 quart. Cream tartar, 2 oz. Ginger, 2 oz.


" -

- = A L ARGE SCHOONER. Beer, Ginger, Quick Brewing. Water, 2 gallons. Molasses, 1 pint. Yeast, 1 gil I. Groun d ginger, 2 oz. Can be used i11 2 hours. Beer, Hop. Water, 5 quarts. Hops, 6 oz. .

Aft er boiling 6 hours, strain and add 4 mor e quarts of water, 12 tablespoon·

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