1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

94 CIIOICE RECIPES Dissolve oil in spir its; add t he syrup ; shak e well th e whole; fi ne wit h alum and tartar if not bright in a f ew hours. Cordial Syrup. Lump sugar, 35 lbs. Boiling wat er, 3 gallons. D issolve sugar in wat er and strain into vessel t hrou gh fl annel. Curacoa Cordial. i Orange p eel, 1 lb. t Whit e syrup, 6 gallons. f. Oranges, 16. Gr ound cinnamon, 1/ 1 lb. Boil 5 minutes and put in 3 gallons pure spirits, 95 per cent above. Filter throu gh fl annel and bottl e. Ginger, Syrup No. 1. Tincture of gin ger, 12 oz. W hite syrup, 1 gallon. If cloudy, str ain. Ginger, Syrup No. 2. Put ginger in wat er and · let stand 1 day in a tight vessel. St r ain, a dd 3 lbs crushed sugar ancl boil to a syr up. Ginger, Brandy, Cordial. .Jamai ca ginger, 1h lb. bruised and steep ed into 1 gallon of str ong brandy fo r 2 weeks, shaki ng it fr equently dur– ing that time. St rain this through mu s– l in and t ake th e ginger left in the mu s· Jin and put it into a gallon of b oilin g wat er and let simmer over a gent le :fire for 20 minutes and strain. Then p ut in 10 lb s of fin e sugar. Ginger, Gin, Cordial. Prepar e th e same as Brandy Ginger ( see n ext abov e), substituting (0. P.) gin f or brandy. .Jamaica ginger, 2 oz. Boiling water, 1 quart.

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