1908 Jack's Manual by J A Grohusko


r glass ginger ale ,1 dashes Angostura bitters.

APOULINARIS LEMONADE (Use large glass.) One tablespoonful of powdered sugar Three lumps cracked ice Juice of one lemon One pint Apollinaris water. Serve with straws. APPLEJACK COCKTAIL One dash Field's orange bitters 100% cider brandy l< glass cracked ice, squeeze a piece of lemon peel. Stir up with spoon and strain in cocktail glass. Drop medium-sized olive in glass and serve.


Cut the fruit in half, extract the core or pithy substance in the center with a sharp knife, insert the knife around the in ner edge of the peel and dis engage the fruit from the peel without removing the fruit or breaking the peel, sprinkle plentifully with powdered sugar and dash the opening caused by the removal of the core with Angostura bitters. Ice well before serving.


One teaspoon of sugar Juice of one lemon glass cracked ice 100% cider brandy.

Stir with spoon, strain in glass, ornament with fruit in


APPLE TODDY (Use hot water, glass.)

ARDSLEV COOLER (Use large thin glass.)

I lump of sugar I slice of lemon peel Fill the glass % of boiling water. Fill up with apple brandy, stir and grate nutmeg on top. Serve with a spoon.

Large piece of ice Large spray of mint loo% high and dry gin I bottle imported ginger ale. Drink with nose to mint.


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