1908 The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them by Hon Wm Boothby

MONTE CARLO COCKTAIL. One-qua rter Benedicti ne, t hree-quart ers Bourbon whi sk ey two drops of Angostura bitters, a nd a flavor of orange rind or lemon peel'. Frappe, and ser ve in stem Cock tail glasse. . MOOR COCKTAIL. One-third Cin zano Itali a n Vermouth, two-third s Coates P lymouth gin and a pi ece of t wisted ora nge peel. F rappe, strain, and serve in st em Cock~ tail glass. NAVAL COCKTAIL. On e-half. Coates Plymout h gin, and one-half Cin zano Itali a n Vermout h. Frappe, a nd serve in a cold st em Cock tail glass wit hou t bitters or decorations. OCEAN SHORE COCKTAIL. One-half Sloe g in, one-third Coat es Plymout h gin , one-third raspberry or Orgeat syrup, juice of ]jme or -lemon to oYercome t he sweet ness of t he syrup, a nd t he white of half an egg. Shak e well with cracked ice, a nd sen7e in small cla ret glass. OLD FASHIONED COCKTAIL. I nto a n ol d-fashion ed, heavy-bott omed bar glass pl ace half a cube of sugar a nd enoug h water t o di ssolve th e same ; muddle well with a t oddy– stick un til t he ~u~ar is dissolved; a dd a. la rge piece of ice, a jigger of t l; e desired bran d of liquor, a nd a t np of t wisted lemon peel. About two clashes of Bok er 's bitters should be u sed, b ut if t hese bitters are not obtain able t wo drops of Angostura bitters will an swer th e purpose. Stir thoroughly' a nd serve in t he same glass w ith ice water on t he sid e. ' , , OLD TOM GIN COCKTAIL. I nto a mixin~ glass of c1:~ckec1 ice put t wo .da h e~ of Ora nge bi tters, t wo· drops of Absmth e, and a Jigg~r of Old Tom g m ; stir well, strain int o a chill ed Cock tail glass; squ eeze :i piece of lemon peel over th e top, a nd serve. OYSTER COCKTAIL. 'fo any qua nt ity of fresh raw oyst ers an d t he na tural j uice of t he same a dd en ough good to m a~o k etchup to ~qual one·-third of t he oyster s a nd juice ; flavor to t aste wi th Woree~tersh1.re sauce a nd a h ttle pepper sauce. Tob asco sauce may also be added if des1reel. N. B.-Ma ny thirst parlors in various sectio.ns of . t he country have introduced small Oyster Cock tm ls served on t he side with st ra ight drinL·s a nd have greatly popul arfzed t heir esta blishments in consequ ence. ' ' OPALESCENT COCKTAIL. A LA J OE TERRY. J uice of half a lemon, Grenadin e t o taste, one leaf of min t, white of half an egg, on e jigger o-f Coates P lymou t h gin; sha k e well with crack ed ice, strain into a small cla ret glass, a nd ser ve. ORANGE BLOSSOM COCKTAIL. Half orange jui' e an d half Coates P lymouth g in ; f r appe. ORANGE GLORY COCKTAIL. Mak e t he same as Orange Blossom with half of t he whit e of an egg a dded. ORGEAT COCKTAIL. I nto a 111 1xmg glassful o~ eraek ed i ce, pl aee a b ars.P?onful of Orgeat syrup, a clash of An gostura bi tters, a squ eeze of lemon Jtuee, anc1 a jigger of whisk ey or brandy . Chil l th oroughly, a nd se rve i n stem Cockt a il gl ass wi th ice wat er on th e sid e.

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