1908 The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them by Hon Wm Boothby


J'la ce ha lf a barspounful of suga r, a jigger of orange jnice,_a_jigger of Coat es P lymouth gin, a nd ha lf of t he white of an egg 1n a n11x111g gla s shake well with crack eil ice, tra in in to a small claret glass, and sen ·e. NO'rE--Pineapple s.vrup is prefernble for sweetening this drink. PALL MALL COCKTAIL. One-hal f jigger of whiskey. on e dash of Apple brandy, j ui ce of one– quarte r of nice ripe orange, juice of lrnlf a lemon, and a pony of Grenadine; frappe, serve in small claret glas$ with . li ce of a lemon, and a cherry PALMETTO COCKTAIL. Two-third. goorl Jamaica rum, one-t hird (Cinzano) ltalian Vermouth, a nd a pi ece of orange peel ; frappe, train, and serve in a ·t em Cockta il glas . PANAMA COCKTAIL. T o an ordinary plnin ·whiskey Cocktail, add 'l'obasco sauce to taste. PORTO RICO COCKTAIL. A typica l Porto R ico Cock tail is made from a pony of .J amaica rum , two or t h ree dashes of molasses, and one dash of P imento, all tined with ice, a nd strain cl into a thin glass. Another tropical Cockta il has fo r its base on e-t hird part Yanilla cordial ; to t h is a re added two-thirds bra ndy a nd a clash of Pimento. The oi l from a bit of lemon rind adds zest t o t he tipple, and i. squeezed from t he top nfter straining. PAT BRA COCKTAIL. On e-t hird C'oates P lylllonth gin, two-th irds (Cinzano) Ttalia n Yermouth , j nice of half a lilll e, and a dash of Maraschino. Se.rve Yery cold. PENDENNIS CLUB COCKTAIL. ( f,OCTSVILT,E, KY.) On e-quarter A ]'ricot brandy, one-quarter French Y crmouth, onP-half Coat es P ly mouth gin; s ha ke well, a nd sen ·e Ye ry cold. PERFECT COCKTAIL. One-third C'in zano Ttal ian Vermouth, two-thirds Coates Plvmonth g in, nnd a . li ce of omnge. S hake wPll with crack ed !cc, a nd sen·e aft.e r ·training. PINEAPPLE BRONX. (CALL I!:]) SOMETIMJ~S QUIDE)\' COCJ<'.l'Al f,. l Proceed exactly as in the mixing of a Bn>nx Cock ta il, but sub. titutc some sli ced pineapple in. tPad (lf pieces of ora nge. PERFECTO COCKTAIL. Into a la rge mi xing gla sfu l of crackecl ice dash a few drops of Orange bitters, a nd one drop of Angost nra; add one-. ixth jiggerfnl of C' inznn Italian Vermouth. two-sixth of a jiggerfnl of French Yermontb. and half a jiggerful of good Bourbon w hi skey; agitate briskly nntil t horoughly c hi ll ed, stra in in to :i s111a ll rolcl bar g las. , . quceze a fhn·or of lemo n rind o\·er the top, and mi l . P INK GARTER. Two-third~ C'oritcs P lymouth gi11. on -th ird Grenadine yrup. a dflsh of lemon juice, and rhree da. hes of orange juice; frappe, ·tra in·, and . erve. PLYMOUTH GIN COCKTAIL. A jiggerfnl of l'oates Plymouth gin. fl Ja . h of Ornngc b itter, a nd a piece of twistC'd kmon peel ; sti r wi t h fine ice un t il rolJ, strni n. a nd ·pn ·e.

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