1909 Recipes of American and other Iced Drinks



Fill a tumbler with chipped ice ; put in two or three drops of Angostura bitters, half a teaspoonful of orange bitters, and three or four drops of rasp berry syrup ; add half a wine-glassful of gin, then stir well and strain off.


Fill a tumbler with chipped ice ; put in three or four drops of Angostura bitters and of plain syrup ; add two drops of lemon juice, half a wine-glassful of old Scotch whiskey ; then stir well; strain off and add a small piece of lemon peel.

6—B. & CO.'S PUNCH.

Take a large punch bowl, into which squeeze the juice of five lemons and two sweet oranges; dissolve these in half a pound of powdered sugar ; next add the thin rind of an orange ; stir in by degrees the white of six eggs beaten into a froth ; put in a bottle of Bertram Frere.s' superior champagne and half a bottle of rum ; mix well, and decorate with fruits in season, after which put the bowl into a refrigerator and let it remain until the compound is thoroughly cooled. This will serve for a party of fifteen. Take four good-sized Seville oranges and roast until they are a pale brorvn ; lay them in a tureen and cover them with half a pound of powdered sugar, adding three glasses of claret ; cover the tureen and let it stand for twenty-four hours, then place it in a pan of boiling water ; press the oranges with a wooden spoon, and run the juice through a sieve ; make the remainder of the bottle of claret hot, and add the juice and serve hot in grog glasses. 7—BISHOP A LA PRUSSE.

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