1925 ca Buckstone Book of Cocktails

20. Bamboo Cocktail. J Sherry, 1 French Vermouth, i Italian Vermouth. Shake and strain. Squeeze piece of lemon peel on top. 21. Barbary Coast Cocktail. i Gin, i Scotch Whisky,i Creme de Cacoa, i cream. Shake and strain. 22. Baron Cocktail. s Gin,i French Vermouth, dash of Curasao, dash of Italian Vermouth. Shake and strain. 23. Barry Cocktail. i Gin, i French Vermouth, dash Angostura Bitters, dash of Creme de Menthe. Shake and strain.

24. Barton Cocktail. i Gin,}Calvados,}Scotch Whisky. Shake and strain.

25. Beauty Cocktail. 4 Gin, i French Vermouth, 4 Italian Ver mouth, teaspoonful sugar, white of egg, dash of Absinthe. Shake and strain.


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