1925 ca Buckstone Book of Cocktails

26. Beauty Spot Cocktail. i Gin, i French Vermouth, J Italian Vermouth, dash of orange juice, dash of Grenadine (in glass). Shake and strain.

27. Belmont Cocktail. J Gin,}cream, dash of Grenadine. Shake and strain.

28. Bennett Cocktail. 3 Gin, i Rose's Lime Juice, 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Shake and strain.

29. Bentley Cocktail. J Calvados, i Dubonnet. Shake and strain.

30. Bermudiana Rose Cocktail. ยง Gin,i Apricot Brandy, dash of Grenadine, dash of lemon juice. Shake and strain. 31. Between the Sheets Cocktail. i Brandy,i Cointreau,i Bacardi Rum,dash of lemon juice. Shake and strain.

32. Biffy Cocktail. i Gin, i Caloric Punch, i lemon juice. Shake and strain.


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