1925 ca Buckstone Book of Cocktails

33. Blackthorne Cocktail. i Irish Whisk}', i French .Vermouth, 3 dashes Angostura Bitters, 3 dashes Absinthe. Shake and strain. 34. Bloodhound Cocktail. i Gin,.I:French Vermouth, i Italian Ver mouth, 2 or 3 crushed strawberries. Shake and strain. 35. Blood and Sand Cocktail. i Scotch Whisky, I Cherry Brandy, i Italian Vermouth, I orange juice. Shake and strain. 36. Bolo Cocktail. _ i Bacardi Rum, 1 orange juice, i lemon juice, teaspoonful sugar. Shake and strain. 37. Bombay Cocktail. i Brandy, I French Vermouth, i Italian \'^ermouth, 2 dashes Curagao, dash Absinthe. Shake and strain. 38. Boomerang Cocktail. i Rye Whisky, i Caloric Punch, i French Vermouth, dash of lemon juice, dash of Angostura Bitters. Shake and strain.


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