1913 Bartenders' Manual (Bartenders Association of America)

BARTENDERS' MANUAL Cocktail, Bijou.—(Use large bar glass.) 34 glass filled with shkved ice; % wineglass green chartreuse; Ki wineglass Italian vermouth; % wineglass Plym outh gin. Stir well with the spoon, and after strain ing in cocktail glass add cherry or small olive, and serve after squeezing lemon peel on top. Cocktail, Celery.—Take pony beer hlass •)4 full of Dr. Brown's celery tonic; '/i pony glass of creme de menthe; 3 dashes Angostura aromatic hitters and serve. Cocktail, Cincinnati.—(Use large bar glass.) glass of beer, glass of soda or ginger ale. This is a particularly palatable drink for warm weather. Cocktail, Coffee.—(A large bar glass.) 1 teaspoon- full of powdered white sugar; 1 fresh egg; 1 large wineglass of port wine; 1 pony of best brandy; 3 or 3 lumps of ice. Break the egg into the glass, put in the sugar and lastly the port wine, brandy and ice. Shake up thoroughly and strain into a medium sized goblet. Grate a little nutmeg on top before serving. Cocktail, Club.—Fill mixing goblet Y^ full of fine ice; 2 dashes gum; 3 dashes orange hitters; 1 dash chartreuse; % drink Italian vermouth; % drink Old Tom gin; stir well and serve with cherry. Cocktail, Coronation.—(Use mixing glass.) Fill half with cracked ice; 3 dashes maraschino; 3 dashes orange bitters; 1 pony French vermouth; 1 gill dry sherry. Stir well, strain into cocktail glass, add olive and twist lemon peel on top. Cocktail, Derby.—(This drink, arranged by E. G. De Gasteaux, of Canal and Vine Streets. Cincinnati. O., was awarded third prize in the Police Gazette Bartenders' Contest for 1903.) (Use mixing glass.) 2 dashes pench and hitters; 1 sprig fresh mint; 1 jigger Gordon gin. Stir and strain into cocktail glass; serve with olive. Cocktail, Du Barry.—1 dash Boonekamp hitters; 2 dashes absinthe; 3 dashes gUm syrup; 1 pony French vermouth; 1 pony of dry gin, ice. Serve in cocktail glass with Y slice of orange. Cocktail, Irish.-—(Use large bar glass.) Fill glass with shaved ice; 3 dashes of absinthe; 1 dash mara schino; 1 dash Curacoa; 2 dashes hitters; 1 wineglass of Irish whisky. Stir well with spoon, and after straining in cocktail glass, put in medium olive and squeeze lemon peel on top. Cocktail, J. P. C.—Y^ Nicholson gin; French vermouth: put one slice of orange in glass and fill with shaved ice, shake well and strain into cocktail glass. 22

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