1913 Bartenders' Manual (Bartenders Association of America)


IN compiling this book our subject is to come as near as possible to a uniformity of names and methods ofmixingand serving drinks withthe view of establishing a standard to work from. There is no actual code universal, either in name or formulas for mixing drinks. A concotion in one city may be, in fact, is called by another name somewhere else, although containing the same ingredients. Our endeavor is to assemble the various names and methods of concoctions so as to prevent confusion. A barman should bear in mind, however, that any special whim of the customer should be observed, irrespect ive of your own method or form of preparing the drink. We believe this Manual will cover in general all drinks you will ever have a calj for. The name or some slight ingredient mayvary in different parts of the country, but by using this Manual as refrences or guide you will have no difficulty in keeping yourself up to date and please the trade.

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