1913 Bartenders' Manual (Bartenders Association of America)

BARTENDERS' MANUAL Gin Smash.—(.A. large bar glass.) ],< glass of fine ice; tablespoon of sugar; 2 or 3 sprigs of mint, pressed as in mint julep; 1 wineglass of Hol land gin. Stir well; strain into a sour glass; dress with fruit. Gin Sour.—(A small bar glass.) P2 tablespoon of sugar; 4 or 5 dashes of lemon juice; 1 squirt seltzer water; -Lj glass of fine ice; 1 wineglass of Holland gin. Stir well; strain into a sour glass; dress with a little fruit. Gin Sangaree.—teaspoon of sugar, dissolved in a little water; 1 wineglass of Holland gin; 1 lump of ice. Stir with a spoon; put about a teaspoon of sherry on top. Gin and Calamus.—(A wliiskv glass.) Steep 2 or 3 pieces of calamus root, cut in small bits, in a bottle of gin until the essence is extracted. To serve you simply hand out tlie glass together with the bottle, allowing the person to help himself. Gin and Milk.—(A whisky glass.) Put out a glass and bar spoon with the bottle of gin, allow ing the person to help himself; after he has done so, fill up the glass with ice-cold milk. Gin and Molasses.—(A whisky glass.) Cover the bottom of the glass with a little gin. Drop in 1 tablespoon of New Orleans molasses, then place the bottle of gin to the person, allowing him to help himself. After dropping in the molasses, put a small bar spoon in the glass. Hot water must be used to clean the glass afterward. Gin and Pine.—Take some fine slivers of pine wood from the center of a green pine log, steep them in a bottle of gin to extract the flavor; in about 2 hours the gin will be ready to serve, which is done in the same manner as dispensing gin and tansy. Gin and Tansy.—(A whisky glass.) This is an old fashioned but excellent tonic, and is prepared bv steeping a bunch of tansy in a bottle of Holland gin, which extracts the essence. Tn servin.g, yon simply set the glass, with a lump of ice dropped into it, before the person, allowing him to help himself from the bottle containing the preparation. Gin and Wormwood.—fA small bar glass.) ^ or 6 sprigs of wormwood placed in a quart bottle of gin to extract the essence. Place before the person a small bar glass (dropping a piece of ice therein) and the bottle, allowing him to help himself. This is a very old drink, used principally in country villages. Glasgow Flip.—Beat 1 egg thorou.ghly: add the iuice of 1 lemon; 1/ tablespoon of ijowdered sugar: balance cold ginger ale. Stir well. 29

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