1913 Bartenders' Manual (Bartenders Association of America)

BARTENDERS' MANUAL Pousse Cafe, French.—(A sherry glass.) glass of maraschino; 1-G glass of raspberry syrup; 1-G glass of vanilla; 1-6 glass of Curacoa; 1-6 glass of chartreuse; 1-6 glass of brandy. In compounding the above, use a small wineglass for pouring in each article separately; be very careful in doing so, that each article may be separate. Serve without mixing. Pousse I'Amour.—(Use sherry wine glass.) This is similar to the more familiar pousse cafe, and has to be as carefully made. 'A .sherry glass of sherry; yolk of fresh egg (drop in); )4 glass green vanilla; glass Cognac. The yolk of the egg must be cold. Prefeldt Highball.—Take large sherry glass, fill y2 full with Swedish punch. • Fill other half with Rhine wine and serve. Punch.—Boil a large kettle of strong black coffee, take a large dish and put 4 lbs of sugar into it; then pour 4 bottles of brandy and 2 bottles of Jama ica rum over the sugar, and set it on fire; let the sugar dissolve and drop into the black coffee; stir this well and you will have a good hot punch. Punch a la Romaine.—(For a party of 20.) 2 bot tles of rum; 2 bottles of wine; 15 lemons; 3 sweet oranges 3 pounds of powdered sugar; 15 eggs. Dis solve the sugar in the juice of the lemons and oranges, adding the thin rind of 1 orange; strain through a sieve into a bowl, and add by degrees the whites of the eggs beaten to a frotb. Place the bowl on ice for a while, then stir in briskly the rum and the wine. Punch, Chauffeur.—(Use large bar glass.) Plenty of shaved ice; 4 or 5 spoons of sugar; 2 or 3 dashes of lemon juice; same of celery tonic bitters; pony French brandy; 1 fresh egg; fill the balance with claret wine; shake well, dress with fruit, serve with straw. Punch, Cuban.—Thin bar glass full of shaved ice.) y pony Curacoa; whisk" glass Italian vermouth; fill up with sherry wine; stir with spoon; sprinkle with powdered sugar; 2 or 3 dashes Cirenie de Menthe or 2 dashes Angostura; dress with fruit and serve with straws. Punch, Escapernong.—Large mixing glass half full of cracked ice; 3 barspoons powdered sugar; Rhine wine glass Escapernong wine; (4 jigger creme de vanilla; 1 egg; dash of brandy. Fill glass with cream or rich milk- shake well; strain in milk punch glass; sprinkle with nutmeg and cinnamon; serve with straws. Punch, Golden.—(Use a punch gla.ss.) bar- spoon of sugar; juice of a whole lime; dissolve with syphon; 1 dash Curacoa; dubb orange; 1 drink of straight whisky. Fill glass with cracked ice, stir well and ornament with fruit. 39

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