1913 Bartenders' Manual (Bartenders Association of America)


Widow's Dream.—(Use mixing glass.) I/2 glass cracked ice; 1 tablespoonful of powdered sugar; 4 dashes lemon juice; white of 1 egg; Yz jig'ger Old Tom gin. Shake well; strain into hollow stem champagne glass; add Y ji&ger Cream de Rose; float with claret wine. Wine Lemonade.—(A large bar glass.) Fill glass with fine ice; or 4 dashes of lemon juice; 1 table spoon of sugar; 1 wineglass of whatever kind of wine is desired; fill up with water. Shake well, dress with fruits. Serve with a straw. 69th Regiment Punch.—(A hot whisky glass.) wineglass of Irish whisky; wineglass of Scotch whisky; 1 teaspoon of sugar; 2 or I! dashes of lemon juice; 2 wineglasses of hot water. The imbibition of the above adds greatly to one's comfort on a cold night. 7th Regiment Punch.—(A large bar glass.) 1 tablespoon of sugar; 2 or 3 dashes of lemon juice; 1 wineglass of brandy; 1 wineglass of Cataw- ba. wine. Flavor with raspberry sj'rup. Fill glass with fine ice; shake well; dress with fruits: dash with Jamaica rum and serve with a straw.


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