1913 Straub's Manual of Mixed Drinks by Jacques Straub



COLONIAL OR MILLER COCKTAIL (For Two Persons.) Jigger Maraschino. Jigger Tom Gin. Jigger Grape Fruit Juice. Shake well. Serve in Claret glass. CONSOLIDATED COCKTAIL % Jigger Dry Gin. 1A 1 1 ` Jigger M. & R. Italian Vermouth. 1/2


1/2 Jigger French Vermouth. % Jigger Dry Gin. Shake well.

CONGRESS COCKTAIL 1 Pony Brandy. 1 Pony Creme de Rose. 3

Dashes Orange Flower Water. 1 White of Egg. Shake. Serve in Claret glass.

CORNELL COCKTAIL 145 Jigger Dry Gin. Shake. CORONATION COCKTAIL 1A; Jigger French Vermouth. Jigger French Vermouth. 1/2

И; Jigger Dry Gin. И; Jigger Dubonnet. Serve. CREOLE COCKTAIL И; Jigger Absinthe. 1%;

Jigger Italian Vermouth.

Shake Well.

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