1916 Jack's Manual by J A Grohusko (4th edition)

BRANDY BURNED WITH PEACH (Use small bar glass)

100% Brandy y 2

tablespoonful of Sugar Burn Brandy and Sugar together in a saucer. Place 2 or 3 slices dried peaches in a hot stem glass; pour the burned liquid over it, grate a little nutmeg over it and serve. This is a Southern concoction. BRANDY CHAMPRELLE (Use Sherry glass) 25% Curacao 25% Chartreuse 25% Anisette 25% Kirschwasser or Brandy 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Attention should be paid to prevent from mixing. BRANDY CRUSTA 2^% Maraschino 75% Brandy y 2 glass of cracked ice. Stir and strain. BRANDY FIX 1 teaspoonful of Sugar Juice of a Lime 1 pony of Pineapple Syrup 2 dashes of Chartreuse Fill glass with cracked ice 100% Brandy. Stir with spoon, ornament with grapes and berries in BRANDY FLOAT Fill pony glass with Brandy, place whiskey glass over pony of brandy, y 2 glass of water, then withdraw pony glass, allowing the brandy to float on top of the water. BRANDY AND GINGER ALE 1 lump of ice 100% Brandy Bottle of Ginger Ale. Mix with spoon. Care should be taken that the ale does not foam over the top. BRANDY SCAFFA (Use sherry glass) 25% Raspberry Syrup 25% Maraschino 25% Green chartreuse. Top off with brandy and serve like Pousse Cafe. season, and serve with straws.


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