1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP

Tigers Milk. Small tumbler; half a wineglassful each of cider and Irish whiskey, a wineglassful of peach bra ndy. Beat up separately the white of an egg with a little sugar and add this. Fill up th e tumbler with ice, shake and strain, add ha lf tumb le r milk and g rate a little nutmeg on top. West Indian Swizzle. This is an o ld fashioned Cocktail a nd is quite one of the easiest to mi x and by its virtue bne of the most popular. The cock tail is not only delicious but makes a splend id tonic. To one gi n , whiskey o r brandy add % pa rt A ngostura bitters and % part s imple syrup. Pour all into a long glass a nd add a n equa l quantity of water or s haved ice and swizzle into a fro th with a swizz leĀ· s tick or brush. Serve in a sherry or suku glass. If a little more water is added the foam comes quicker a nd is more lasting, if preferred can be served still i. e., not swizzled but well stirred. .

Royal Plush. Use glass jug. Two or three large lumps of ice.

One pint champagne. One pint burg undy. Stir well.

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