1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP

EUVS Collection A nice little booklet with the early 20's Cocktail Classics ... in Singapore




B\" G. G. D. -ai\d E. E. F. ?.

SOLD lN AID OF THE RED CROSS AT JOHORE "OUR DAY" FETE, I 91 7. ==~1===-=================-==-=-======lf--- · .


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Abs inthe Cocktail Ambros ia l Nectar

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3. Amer Picon 4.

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Angel's Kiss -

Bald H ead

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Bamboo Cockt a il

Barbadoes Pun ch 8. Bengal Cocktail 9. Bischoff 10. Bishop J r.

Black Thorn Cocktail

Bosom Caresser Brandy Smash Butterfly Flip -

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Chal>lis Cup 16. Chocolate Cock tail 17. Claret Flip 18. Coffee Cocktai l 19. Corn Cure 20. Crimean Cup - 2r. Egg Nog 23. Estana Cup 24. Fairy K iss 25. Fedora 26. Flash of Lightning 22.

Dry Manhattan Cocktail

27. Flip Flap 28. Gin Fi zz 29. Gin Rickey 30. Go lden F izz 3 r.

Harry John son's Specia l

32. Harvard Cockta il 33. Hot Locomotive

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Johore Punch - Kajan g Cocktail Kanoy K id Cocktail Maiden's Blush Milk Punch Mint Julep Mornii1 g Glory Fizz Moselle Cup O yster Cocktail Planters' Praver Pousse L 'Amour Princeto n Cocktail Purita n Cocktail R afae l Nectar Reve lation Rob Roy Royal Plus h Sam Ward Ma rtini No. l. Martini No. 2.

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Senator's Joy - Sherry Cobble r

Sherry Flip S il ver F izz

Sli go Slop Snow Balls Sunshine Cockta il The Dream

- The Famous Clover L eaf Cluh Cocktail Tigers Milk Trilby Cocktail Tuxedo Ve rmouth Cock tail Wes t Indian Swizzl e

W hi s ky Cocktai l W hi s ky Sour - Yum Yum

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Tigers Milk. Small tumbler; half a wineglassful each of cider and Irish whiskey, a wineglassful of peach bra ndy. Beat up separately the white of an egg with a little sugar and add this. Fill up th e tumbler with ice, shake and strain, add ha lf tumb le r milk and g rate a little nutmeg on top. West Indian Swizzle. This is an o ld fashioned Cocktail a nd is quite one of the easiest to mi x and by its virtue bne of the most popular. The cock tail is not only delicious but makes a splend id tonic. To one gi n , whiskey o r brandy add % pa rt A ngostura bitters and % part s imple syrup. Pour all into a long glass a nd add a n equa l quantity of water or s haved ice and swizzle into a fro th with a swizz le· s tick or brush. Serve in a sherry or suku glass. If a little more water is added the foam comes quicker a nd is more lasting, if preferred can be served still i. e., not swizzled but well stirred. .

Royal Plush. Use glass jug. Two or three large lumps of ice.

One pint champagne. One pint burg undy. Stir well.


Sam Ward. In the bottom of a s herry g lass p lace the twisted rind of one lime, fi ll th e g lass with crushed ice then fill up wi~h yellow Chartreuse. Sherry Flip. One teasp oon powdered sug ar. One wine g lass sherry win e. One fresh egg. Half fill with s h aved ice Shake well. Strain into champag ne g lass a nd grate a little nutmeg atop Estana Cup. Dissolve 6 oz. of sugar in half pint of boiling water add th e juice of 4 limes. One pint of old brandy. A winegl ass of cherry bra ndy. A wineglass of yellow cha rtreu · e nd two bottles or one magnum of champagne all these should be mixed in a la rge silve r bowl. Adel a few sprigs of borage, the s lices of two limes, Yz doz. s trawberries, . Yz doz. branded cherri es a nd three bottles soda water, put the bowl, having first covered it over, into a refrigerator for one hour and before servin g put a sma ll iceberg into the mixture which s hould be served in suku glasses. Johore Punch. Into a long glass put a win e

glassful of curacoa, a sugar, one

orandy, a liquer g lassful of oran ge squeeze of lime, t wo teaspoonful

3 teaspoonfu l s tra whe rry sy rup, one win e glass ful of wa ter a nd th e thin rind of a lime fill th e- - g lass with crus hed ice a nd swizz le well.

The Dream. Three-quarter Sherry g lass dry gin.

Qua rter Sherry gl ass curacoa. Three-qua rter Sherry g lass milk. Yolk one egg. T wo dashes of A ngostura a nd oran ge bi tte rs. One teaspoon lime juice.

F ive d rops Creme de M en t he. S haved ice a nd s wi zzle we ll. :\fak e thi s in a long ·g]ass.

Absinthe Cocktail. Use Sha ker . Three dashes Angostura bitters.

Th ree clash es syrup. One pony Abs inthe. Fil l w·ith ice, mi x well a nd strai n into a cock– ta il g lass.

Black Thorn Gocktail.

T wo d ashes Angos tura bitters. One ha lf Pl y mouth g in. One ha lf French Vermouth. Fill w ith ice, mix a nd st ra in into a cocktail g la s: .


Bischoff. Thi s is a ve ry old rec ipe from th e M. S . Cut into four p a rts each t h ree se vill e ora nges ; s li ghtly score the rin d across wit h a s harp kn ife . Roast t he qua rters s li g h tly before a s low fi re a nd put th em into a bow l wi th two bottles of cla re t an d nutmeg. Infuse thi s mi xture over a slow hea t fo r five or s ix hours then pass it th roug h a jelly bag a nd sweeten . It may be drunk hot or · cold and never in a ny case a ll owed t o boi l. If se rved ·cold shoul d be covered a nd s tood in refri gerator fo r 2 hours. Bishop. Two d rac h rn e each of c love s, mace , g ing er Crimamon a nd a ll-spi ce bo il ed in :% p int of water for 30 minutes. Stra in. Pu t a bo ttle of port in a saucep a n over the fire add the spice infusion a nd a lemon stuck wit h 6 c loves. W hil s t this is hea ting gradua ll y.- it must not bo il- take 4 ozs. of loaf suga r a nd with th e lumps grate off th e outer rind of a lemon in to a bowl. Adel th e suga r a nd juice a nd hot wine, etc.- a dd anot her bottl e of port and stand on ice for two hours. Barbadoes Punch. A tab le spoo nful of raspberry Syrup , d it to sifted suga r, a win e g las of water, doub le th at quantity of bra ndy , ha lf wine g lass of guav::i


liqui d je ll y, th e jui ce of ha lf a le nion, t wo s li ces of ora nge, on e s li ce pi neapp le, in a long tumb le r. Ice a nd s ha ke we ll ; dr in k th roug h straws .

Chablis Cup.

D isso lve 4 or S lump s of suga r in a qua r t of bo ilin g wa ter a nd put it into a bow l with a ve ry th in s li ce o f lemon pee l ; let it s tand fo r ha lf hour then add a bottl e of Chab li s, a spri g of ve r ben a, a wine g lass of s herry, ha.If pin t of wa te r, mi x well a nd le t the mi x ture s ta nd fo r a whil e, the n s train add a bottl e of se ltze r wate r a few s trawbe rri es or raspberri es a nd a bloc k of ice. Serve · in small g lasses.

Harry Johnson's Special.

Fill a g lass wit h s haved ice. One teaspoonful of curacoa

One teaspoonful of pineapple Sy rup. Two or three dash es of orange bitters. T wo das hes of maraschino. One wine g lass full of b ra ndy.

St ir wi th a spoon, strain in to ::i coc kt ai l g lass, Puttin g in a ch erry or o li ve t wist a piece of lemon peel on top a nd serve.

6 .

Kandy Kid Cocktail.

Fill a g lass w ith s haved ice. Two or three dashes of gum syrup. One o r two dashes of ora nge bitters. One or two d ashes of Curacoa or Absinthe a d esired. One wine glass of Old Tom g in. Stra in into a cocktail g lass and twi st a piece of lemon peel on top. Fedora. One tabl espoonful of s ugar and a s li ce of l emon mix in a shake r w ith p lenty of ice and se rve with a straw. Ambrosial Nectar. Mix a s follows:- One quart of a le. Heat th e a le in saucepan, hea t up th e eg gs an d th e sugar, add the rurn a nd ~ome nutmeg and put it . all into a pitch er. \ Vhen the A le is nea r to a boil put il into a noth er pitcher ; p our it ve ry gradua ll y in to the pitcher containing eggs, etc., s tirrin g a ll the while briskl y to \1revent th e ggs from curd lin g. T h e n pour th e con te nt from on e pitc h e r into th e ot he r till th e mixture is a s s mooth as c ream, and l:i"C1·ve in a punch bowl. One gill of Ol d rum. Four fresh r aw eggs. . Four ozs . of powdere:I s ugar. One li queur g lass of brandy . One li queur g lass of curacoa. Half li queur g lass of J a maica rum. Half lique ur g lass of Rye whi skey.


Coffee Cocktail. O ne teaspoon powdered suga r. The yo!k of a n egg. Half teaspoonful of Angos tura bitters.

A s he rry g lass fill ed with equa l portion of brandy and port-wine. Fill th e s hake r with crushed ice a nd s hake well a nd strai n into a long g lass. Grate a littl e nutmeg o~er th e top.

Vermouth Gocktail.

Three das hes Ma rachino. Three dashes Angostura. O ne portion Ita lian ve rmouth. .

Ice a nd mix a nd s train, clip a piece of lemon peel into some powdered suga r a nd place thi s in th e sher ry g lass to receive the cock ta il whi c h mus t be poured gentl y ove r th e lemon peel, the -latter IJeing immed ia te ly removed wh e n th e g l:1 ss is filled.

Whiskey Cocktail.

Two dashes syrup. (Syrup can be made with a lump of sugar· and a spoonful of wa ter.) Three dashes Angostura bitters. O ne whiskey. Ice shake we ll a nd strain int o a s herry glass, acid a "piece of lemon pee l a top.

8 Claret Flip.

O n e Fresh Egg Half tablespoonful of Suga r. Half g lassful of s h ave ~! ice. O ne-and -h a lf win egla ssful of c la re t wi ne. Sh a k e we ll and se rve with a littl e nutmeg on top . This is a de li c ious d rink a nd g ives s tre ngt h to de I ica te peop le .

Senator's Joy. (Afte r the famous rec ipe of J. H. M.)

One teaspoonful of suga r. Hal f g la ssful of c la ret. T wo clashes Angostura bitters. Quarter g lassful of French vermouth. Half g lass ful of R ye \Vhi sky. On e teaspoonful of Absinth e.

Care s hould be ta ke n that th e in g redi ents are placed in thi s ord e r in th e s ha ker wit h plenty of ice, s ha ke we ll a nd serve 111 fa ncy barglass.

Chocolate Cocktail.

One yolk of an egg. H a lf wineglassfu l of Cha rt reuse. Half Do. Port w ine.

Qua rte r tea spooniul of grounJ chocolate . Fill up wit h ice, shak e we ll and se rve. Thi:; drink is very popul ar with ladi es.

9 Harvard Cocktail.

O ne dash Syrup. Three dashes Angostura bitters. One h a lf Ita li a n V e rmouth. One ha lf brandy. Fill wi th ice. · M i x a nd strain into a coc ktai I g lass then fill ·with soda and serve · quickly. Martini No. I. Take a cock tai l sha ker a nd s hake in three das hes An gostura bitters. One ha lf Tom g in . O ne h a lf Itali an Vermouth, and a small s li ce of lime. Fill in with ice a nd shake and strain into cockta il glass. Martini No. 2. Aga in us e a shaker and put in it three dashe Angostura Bitt ers. H a lf Old Tom Gin. Half Ita li an V ermouth. Ha lf to one teaspoon s herry accord in g to tast e, add s lice of lime · or lemon mix and strai n into uku glass.

Oyster Cocktail. Use a Suku Glass.

A few dashes of lime jui ce . One or two cla shes Tobasco sa uce. One teaspoonful of vinegar. A few dashes Tomato sauce. S ix Oysters with a ll th ei r li quor. Season Lo tas te wil h p epper and sa lt, 1ix and .serve wlth sma ll fork.



Brandy Smash.

H a lf teaspoonful suga r. Half wineg las s wa ter.

Three or four spri gs of fres h fruit. Three desertspoonful crus hed ice. Three das hes Angostura .b itte rs . One wine g lass old bran dy.

Stair well with a spoon, s train a nd orn a me nt with strawberries or sli ce of ora n ge or a ny fruit in season .

Gin Fizz . ·

One half tabl espoonful suga r. One teaspoon lemon jui ce.

Four das hes Angostura hitters . One wine g lass Old T orn Gi n. Add crushed -ice, sh ak e we ll a ncl str;;in into ch a mpa gne g lass, fill up with soda wa te r.

Gin Rickey.

Juice of on e lime. Leave ha lf the pressed lime in g l ~ ss . One lump of ice. One w in eglass Old T om G in. Fill up with soda.


Silver Fizz. Th e jui ce of one lime, clessertspoo nful of s ug;ar, ha lf teaspoo nful A ngostu ra bitters. O n e wine g lass dry gi n, th e white of one egg acid crushed ice a nd s hake, thorou g hl y serve in a s tenga h g lass a nd fill up w ith soda.

Princeton Cocktail.

Use a Shake r.

Three das hes An gos tura b itters. T hree-qua rt ers O ld Torn Gin. !

Puritan Cocktail.

Use Mix in g G lass.

Four dashes Ango tura bitte rs. One spoonful yellow Ch a rtreuse .

Two thirds Plymouth g in . One third French ve rmouth. Add crushed ice, s h ake a littl e a nd s tra in i,nto a coc kt a il g lass.


Rob Roy. Three squirt s An go~ tu ra bi tte rs.

T wo thirds S co tc h Whisky. One third Italian Ve r mouth. · Add ice, s ha ke and stra in into She rry g lass, serve an olive w ith thi s.

Tuxedo . One dash Angostura bitters. One s poonful s he rry One h a lf O ld Tom g in . One half Italian vermouth . Fill w ith ice, mi x a n d s train into Sherry g lass.

Crimean Cup. O ne pint of Orgea t sy rup. Half p int of Cog nac lirandy. Q ua rter pint of Marasc hino. Quarter pint of Jamai ca rum. One bottle of Champag ne. One llottle of soda sa te r. Three oz. s uga r.

Two lemons cul in' s li ces. Two ora n ges cut in sl ices. A few s li ces of pineapp le. Stir in a bow l with spoon or la d le, then place in a dis h , fill ed with ice a nd serve.


Trilby Cocktail.

Fill a g lass with sh aved ice. Two clashes of Absinth e. Two or three cl as hes oran ge bitte rs. Two or three cl as hes of " P a rfa it A mour." H a lf wine g lass of S co tc h whi s ky . H a lf wine g lass of Ita li a n vermouth . Shake we ll a nd se rve with che rri es .

Hot Locomotive.

On e yo lk of a raw egg . H a lf ta bl espoonful of suga r. O ne liqueur g lass of honey, di ssolve well with a spoon. One a nd ha lf win e g lassfu l of Burg undy or cla re t. H a lf liquer g lass of curacoa . Pour a ll th e in g red ie nt s in to a d ish a nd pl ace it on a fire until it bo il s up, th en pour from one mug into th e oth er 3 or 4 times, pu t in a s li ce of lemon, s prinkl e with a littl e c inn amon an d se rve. Golden Fizz. Into a sh a ker put one desse rtspoonful of powdered sugar, add the ju ice of a lime, four clashes An gostura bitters . One wineglass Ol d T om Gin. The yolk of a n egg. F ill th e g las s w ith ice, shake well, and s t ra in into a champagn e g lass, fill up wi lh chill ed soda wa t r.

14 Bosom Caresser,

Pul into a sma ll tuml>l e r one wineglassful of s he rry, ha lf a win eg lass ful of o ld brandy, the yo lk of a n egg, two teaspoonfuls of suga r, a nd two g ra in of cayenn e pepper; add c rus h ed ice, s hake we ll , stra in, a nd dust over w ith nutmeg a nd c innamon . The Famous Normandy Clover Leaf Club Cocktail. To half a s he rry gfass of Dry Gin add a s he rry g lass of Grenadine syrup t o thi s acid three drops of Absinthe a nd a clessertspoonful of c rushed ice. S hake wel l and se r ve. Th e white of on e egg for fo ur coc kta il s. Dry Manhattan Cocktail. Into a sma ll mixing g lass place some ice, two das hes of Orange hitt e rs, two drops of Angostura, h a lf a j iggerful of French vermouth , h a lf a ji gge r– fu l whiskey and a piece of twi st ed lemon peel: stir thoroug hly, s train into a c hill ed coc ktail g lass a nd serve w ith ice water on the side. An o li ve, a pi rno la or Fre nch haze lnuts may be served wit h this drink. Sherry Cobbler. . Although a 'popula r drink in America, is but little known on thi s s id e of t he A tl a nti c. Pl ace in soda water tumbler, two w in eg lassful s of sh erry, one tabl esp oo nful of s ifted suga r, a nd t wo

IS of ora nge. Fill th e tumiJl er with a nd s hake we ll. Drin k th rou uh

o r three s li ce c rush ed ice, s traws.

Corn Cure. Into a s ha ker put r.1- s herry rr!ass A bs inthe, on e tea spoo n of suga r, li me jui ce one teaspoon , and sh a ved ice sh a ke we ll. Bald Head. A L a T om Corbe tt e, Jim 's Bi g Brothe r. Into a m ixi ng g lass p our a jiggerful of equa l pa rts of Frenc h and It a lian ve rmouth a nd a sma ll clash of A bs in the; s h a ke we ll wit h some cracked ice, s tra in into a s tem coc kt a il g lass, acid a n o live, twi s t a pi ece of lemon pee l ove r th e top a nd se rve. Bamboo Cocktail. 1nto a mi x ing g lass of cracked ice pl ace ha lf a j iggerful of Fre nc h ve rmouth , h ave a j igge rfu l of sh erry, t wo clas hes of Oran ges bitters a nd two drops of An gos tura hitters ; s ti r tho rou ghl y a nd s train into a s tem cockt a il g lass; sq ueeze a nd twist a pi ece of lemon p ee l ove r th e top a nd se rve with a pimola or a n o li ve. _Mint Julep. Thi s, p rop erl y made, is th e mos t deli c ious of a ll A me ri can beverages . It is mi xed in a large tumbl er, in whi ch ;ire p laced, first of a ll, two and a half tahl espoo nful s of wa ter, on e ta bl e-

16 spoonful of sugar (crus hed,) and two or three spri gs of mint, which should be pressed with a spoon or c rus her into the sugar and water to extract th e flavour. Add two wine g lassful s of old brandy, now we sha nt't be lon g, fill up with powde red ice, sh a:ke well, get the mint to the top of the tumbler, s talks down, and put a few straw– b erri es a nd s lices of oranges atop. Shake in a littl e rum, las t of all, a nd drink throug h straw. Angels Kiss. Three quarters of a pon y g lassful of apricot brandy, topped off with enoug h thick cream to fill the glass. Put the cream into the g lass with a bar spoon so it will not mix with the cordial; hut fl oat on top of it. Revelation. Into a small shaker put a little shaved ice, % a liqueur g lass D.O.M., 73 liqueu r g lass Kimmell and 7 drops Hij au, twist and throw in a piece of lemon pee l and add :% teaspoon lime a nd a sh erry g lass of Ideal milk, s h a ke well. Planters' Prayer. Into a mixin g glass put a sherry g lass of whisky, 4 tablets saxin, one teaspoon of p araffin , shaved ice and s he rry g lass of Idea l milk, and Yz sherry g lass of water, s hake well.


Morning Glory Fizz. Place a des e rtspoonful of s uga r a nd the jui ce of one lemo n in a med ium size mixing g la ss, add two das h es A bsin th e, previous ly d issolved in a li~tl e water, t he wh ite of a n egg in a n jigger

18 Flip Flap.

One wineg lassful of milk in a s mal l tumh lc r, one we ll beate n egg, a littl e sugar, a nd a win e g lassful of port. Ice, s hake, strai;i a nd sprink le with cinnamon and nutmeg. Bengal Cocktail. Fill tumbler ha lf full of crus h€cl ice. Add thirty drops of 1 Iaraschino, one tahl espoonful of · pin e app le syrup, thirty d rops of curacoa, six drops o f Angos tura hi tte rs, one win e g lm;sful of o ld IJrand y . Stir a nd put a s hred of lemon pee l atop. Sunshine Cocktail. Famous O lympi c Cl ub, Sa n Franci sco. Into a n1ixe r of cracked ice dash a few Sltuirt of orange b itters one third ji gger of French vermouth, one t hird j igger of Italian vermouth a nd one thjrcl jigger of Old T om Gin; s tir thoroug hly, strai n into a stem coc kta il g lass, s queeze a piece of lemon peel over the top and serve. Yum Yum Cocktail. Break the yolk of a new laid egg into a small tumble r, and put a teaspoonful of sugar on it. The n s ix drops of Angos tura bitters, a win eglass– ful of she rry, and half a wineg lassful of brandy, sha ke a ll we ll togeth er, and s train. Dust a v1,;ry littl e c inn a mon ove r the top.

I9 Pousse L'Amour.

Pour a little maraschino into a ver rnout h– g lass, ca refu ll y lay th e yolk of a n egg on th e top of thi s cover th e yo.l k with Creme de Va nil le a nd fi ll th e g lass with cog nac. T he co lors s houl d not m ix. Butterfly Flip. Into a heavy cobb ler g lass p lace some crac ked ice, a s ma ll lrn r spoonful of suga r, a jigge r of cogn ac, a pony of c reme de cacao a nd a dash of A n gos tur a b it te rs, fi ll up the g lass with fresh sweet mi lk, s ha ke thoroug h ly, gra te nutmeg ove r th e top a nd serve wit h .straws. Rafael Nectar. lnt.o a la rge ba r-g lass pl ace a teaspoonful of s ugar, t wo ji gge rs of s herry a ncl a raw egg. Fi II a sh a ker w ith fi ne ice, s ha l e thoroug hl y, s tra in into a nd se rve in a goh le t with frui ts an .I s traws. Egg Nog. Pl ace . a barspoonfu l o f s uga r, in a large mix ing g lass, add some fi ne ice, a raw egg, ji gger of cogn ac a nd clas h of S t. Croix rum. Fi ll the g lass w ith good milk, s h ake t horoughl y, gra te nutmeg ove r th e top ·a n.ct serve wit h straws. Milk Punch. Into a large mi xing g lass p lace a teas poonful of sugar, a ji gger of cognac and a clash of St. Croiz ru m, a nd fi ll th e ba la nce of t he g lass wit h

20 good milk, then place some cracked ice in a large shaker, shake well, strain into a very large cut g lass, g rate nutmeg on top, and serve with straws. Snow Balls. Into a sma ll mi x ing glass place a barspoonful of sugar a jigger of whiskey and the white of an egg; fill th e glass with cracked ice, shake well, decorate with fruits a nd serve with s traws. Kajang Cocktail. Recipe for 2 people. Juice of 2 oranges, slices of one orange, l Port g lass Grande marnier I Port g lass Mandarin Brandy, 2 Limes, Crushed Ice, r Chilled small soda, swizz le well. Amer Picon. Into a stengah g lass put % s he rry g lass Ame r Picon,~ sherry g lass g renad in e, Yi te::ispoon lime juice, % sherry g lass milk, c rush ed ice to taste and swizzle well.

Whisky Sour. A New Way.

. Into · a shaker put % sherry g lass whiskey, ~ sherry g lass orange curacoa, % sherry glass Mil k, ~ teaspoon lime juice, bitters to taste crushed ice, s ha ke well a nd serve.


Moselle Cup. Ing red ients. One Lotti e of moselle. One g lass of Brandy . F our or five thin slices of pine apple. The peel of half a lemon cut very thin. Ice: and sug ar and lib. Jus t before usin g add one bottle of sparkling water. Sligo Slop. Thi s is a n Irish delight. The juice of ten lemon, te n talespoonfqls of s ifted sugar, one quart of John Jamesons 's oldest a nd best whis key , and two port win e g lassful s or curacoa all mixed together . L et rhe mi x ture s ta nd for a clay or two a nd the n bottle. Thi s s hould be drunk neat, in liqueur g lasses, a nd is said to be effec tual "jumping powder". It ce rtainl y reads conducive to timber-topi ng. T a ken a ltoget he r the clay-light drink is a mistake. It i s impl y ruin the appetite; it is more exp ens ive than those who in dul ge there in are aware of the time. It ruin s the nerves soone r or later ; !t is not conduc ive to busi ness, unless for those whose heads are spec ia lly hard; and it spoils the p a late for the good wine whi ch is poured forth later on . The precep t cannot be too widely laid down, too fully known .

Do not drink between meals. Bet ter, far th e three bottle trick of our a nces tors than the g in crawl of to-

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