1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP


Sam Ward. In the bottom of a s herry g lass p lace the twisted rind of one lime, fi ll th e g lass with crushed ice then fill up wi~h yellow Chartreuse. Sherry Flip. One teasp oon powdered sug ar. One wine g lass sherry win e. One fresh egg. Half fill with s h aved ice Shake well. Strain into champag ne g lass a nd grate a little nutmeg atop Estana Cup. Dissolve 6 oz. of sugar in half pint of boiling water add th e juice of 4 limes. One pint of old brandy. A winegl ass of cherry bra ndy. A wineglass of yellow cha rtreu ยท e nd two bottles or one magnum of champagne all these should be mixed in a la rge silve r bowl. Adel a few sprigs of borage, the s lices of two limes, Yz doz. s trawberries, . Yz doz. branded cherri es a nd three bottles soda water, put the bowl, having first covered it over, into a refrigerator for one hour and before servin g put a sma ll iceberg into the mixture which s hould be served in suku glasses. Johore Punch. Into a long glass put a win e

glassful of curacoa, a sugar, one

orandy, a liquer g lassful of oran ge squeeze of lime, t wo teaspoonful

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