1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP


Coffee Cocktail. O ne teaspoon powdered suga r. The yo!k of a n egg. Half teaspoonful of Angos tura bitters.

A s he rry g lass fill ed with equa l portion of brandy and port-wine. Fill th e s hake r with crushed ice a nd s hake well a nd strai n into a long g lass. Grate a littl e nutmeg o~er th e top.

Vermouth Gocktail.

Three das hes Ma rachino. Three dashes Angostura. O ne portion Ita lian ve rmouth. .

Ice a nd mix a nd s train, clip a piece of lemon peel into some powdered suga r a nd place thi s in th e sher ry g lass to receive the cock ta il whi c h mus t be poured gentl y ove r th e lemon peel, the -latter IJeing immed ia te ly removed wh e n th e g l:1 ss is filled.

Whiskey Cocktail.

Two dashes syrup. (Syrup can be made with a lump of sugarĀ· and a spoonful of wa ter.) Three dashes Angostura bitters. O ne whiskey. Ice shake we ll a nd strain int o a s herry glass, acid a "piece of lemon pee l a top.

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