1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP

14 Bosom Caresser,

Pul into a sma ll tuml>l e r one wineglassful of s he rry, ha lf a win eg lass ful of o ld brandy, the yo lk of a n egg, two teaspoonfuls of suga r, a nd two g ra in of cayenn e pepper; add c rus h ed ice, s hake we ll , stra in, a nd dust over w ith nutmeg a nd c innamon . The Famous Normandy Clover Leaf Club Cocktail. To half a s he rry gfass of Dry Gin add a s he rry g lass of Grenadine syrup t o thi s acid three drops of Absinthe a nd a clessertspoonful of c rushed ice. S hake wel l and se r ve. Th e white of on e egg for fo ur coc kta il s. Dry Manhattan Cocktail. Into a sma ll mixing g lass place some ice, two das hes of Orange hitt e rs, two drops of Angostura, h a lf a j iggerful of French vermouth , h a lf a ji gge r– fu l whiskey and a piece of twi st ed lemon peel: stir thoroug hly, s train into a c hill ed coc ktail g lass a nd serve w ith ice water on the side. An o li ve, a pi rno la or Fre nch haze lnuts may be served wit h this drink. Sherry Cobbler. . Although a 'popula r drink in America, is but little known on thi s s id e of t he A tl a nti c. Pl ace in soda water tumbler, two w in eg lassful s of sh erry, one tabl esp oo nful of s ifted suga r, a nd t wo

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