1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP

9 Harvard Cocktail.

O ne dash Syrup. Three dashes Angostura bitters. One h a lf Ita li a n V e rmouth. One ha lf brandy. Fill wi th ice. · M i x a nd strain into a coc ktai I g lass then fill ·with soda and serve · quickly. Martini No. I. Take a cock tai l sha ker a nd s hake in three das hes An gostura bitters. One ha lf Tom g in . O ne h a lf Itali an Vermouth, and a small s li ce of lime. Fill in with ice a nd shake and strain into cockta il glass. Martini No. 2. Aga in us e a shaker and put in it three dashe Angostura Bitt ers. H a lf Old Tom Gin. Half Ita li an V ermouth. Ha lf to one teaspoon s herry accord in g to tast e, add s lice of lime · or lemon mix and strai n into uku glass.

Oyster Cocktail. Use a Suku Glass.

A few dashes of lime jui ce . One or two cla shes Tobasco sa uce. One teaspoonful of vinegar. A few dashes Tomato sauce. S ix Oysters with a ll th ei r li quor. Season Lo tas te wil h p epper and sa lt, 1ix and .serve wlth sma ll fork.


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