1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP


Moselle Cup. Ing red ients. One Lotti e of moselle. One g lass of Brandy . F our or five thin slices of pine apple. The peel of half a lemon cut very thin. Ice: and sug ar and lib. Jus t before usin g add one bottle of sparkling water. Sligo Slop. Thi s is a n Irish delight. The juice of ten lemon, te n talespoonfqls of s ifted sugar, one quart of John Jamesons 's oldest a nd best whis key , and two port win e g lassful s or curacoa all mixed together . L et rhe mi x ture s ta nd for a clay or two a nd the n bottle. Thi s s hould be drunk neat, in liqueur g lasses, a nd is said to be effec tual "jumping powder". It ce rtainl y reads conducive to timber-topi ng. T a ken a ltoget he r the clay-light drink is a mistake. It i s impl y ruin the appetite; it is more exp ens ive than those who in dul ge there in are aware of the time. It ruin s the nerves soone r or later ; !t is not conduc ive to busi ness, unless for those whose heads are spec ia lly hard; and it spoils the p a late for the good wine whi ch is poured forth later on . The precep t cannot be too widely laid down, too fully known .

Do not drink between meals. Bet ter, far th e three bottle trick of our a nces tors than the g in crawl of to-

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