1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP


Rob Roy. Three squirt s An go~ tu ra bi tte rs.

T wo thirds S co tc h Whisky. One third Italian Ve r mouth. ยท Add ice, s ha ke and stra in into She rry g lass, serve an olive w ith thi s.

Tuxedo . One dash Angostura bitters. One s poonful s he rry One h a lf O ld Tom g in . One half Italian vermouth . Fill w ith ice, mi x a n d s train into Sherry g lass.

Crimean Cup. O ne pint of Orgea t sy rup. Half p int of Cog nac lirandy. Q ua rter pint of Marasc hino. Quarter pint of Jamai ca rum. One bottle of Champag ne. One llottle of soda sa te r. Three oz. s uga r.

Two lemons cul in' s li ces. Two ora n ges cut in sl ices. A few s li ces of pineapp le. Stir in a bow l with spoon or la d le, then place in a dis h , fill ed with ice a nd serve.

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