1917 Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by GGD and EEFP

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One wineg lassful of milk in a s mal l tumh lc r, one we ll beate n egg, a littl e sugar, a nd a win e g lassful of port. Ice, s hake, strai;i a nd sprink le with cinnamon and nutmeg. Bengal Cocktail. Fill tumbler ha lf full of crus h€cl ice. Add thirty drops of 1 Iaraschino, one tahl espoonful of · pin e app le syrup, thirty d rops of curacoa, six drops o f Angos tura hi tte rs, one win e g lm;sful of o ld IJrand y . Stir a nd put a s hred of lemon pee l atop. Sunshine Cocktail. Famous O lympi c Cl ub, Sa n Franci sco. Into a n1ixe r of cracked ice dash a few Sltuirt of orange b itters one third ji gger of French vermouth, one t hird j igger of Italian vermouth a nd one thjrcl jigger of Old T om Gin; s tir thoroug hly, strai n into a stem coc kta il g lass, s queeze a piece of lemon peel over the top and serve. Yum Yum Cocktail. Break the yolk of a new laid egg into a small tumble r, and put a teaspoonful of sugar on it. The n s ix drops of Angos tura bitters, a win eglass– ful of she rry, and half a wineg lassful of brandy, sha ke a ll we ll togeth er, and s train. Dust a v1,;ry littl e c inn a mon ove r the top.

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