1917 The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock


Fill large Bar glass ^ ftUl Shaved Ice. 2 teaspoonfuls Bar Sugar, dissolved in little Water. 3 dashes Lemon or Lime Juice. 1 Jigger Applejack. Stir well; strain into Sour glass; dress with Fruit and Berries and sjvve. 'ARF-AND-ARF" Pour into an Ale glass or mug Porter and H Ale,or Porter and Stout with Ale, or H Old and New Ale. The use of the Porter and Ale is more prevalent in England. In the United States^ Old and^New Ale Is usually used when this drink is called for, unless otherĀ« wise specified. ARRACK PUNCH Pour into a Punch glass the Juice of I Lime and a little ApoUinaris Water in which a heaping teaspoonful of Bar Sugar has been dissolved. Add 1 Lump Ice. ^jigger Batavia Arrack. yi jigger Jamaica Rum. Stir well; dash with Champagne;stir again briskly;dress with Fruit and Serve.


M Wineglass Port Wine. 6 dashes Jamaica Ginger. Fill up with Brandy; stir gently and serve with little Nutmeg on top.


Into large Bar glass squeeze Juice of1 Lemon. 1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar. 1 bottle Ginger Ale off the ice. Stir; decorate with Fruit and Berries. Serve.


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