1917 The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock

PINEAPPLE JULEP (for a party of6—Use a small punch bow!)

1 quart of Sparkling Moselle. 1 jigger Cusenier Grenadine. 1 jigger Maraschino. 1 jigger Sir Robert Burnette's Old Tom Gin.

1 jigger Lemon Juice. 1 jigger Orange Bitters. 1 jigger Angostura Bitters.

4 Oranges,sliced. 2Lemons,sliced. 1 ripe Pineapple,sliced and quartered. 4 tablespoonfuls Sugar. 1 bottle ApoIIinaris Water. Place large square of Ice in bowl; dress with the Fruits and serve Julep in fancy Stem glass.

POLO PLAYERS'DELIGHT—Horse's Neck Use a tall, thin glass. 1 lump Ice. 1 jigger Sir Robert Burnette's Old Tom Gin. 1 Cantrell & Cochran's Ginger Ale. Stir well and serve.


Pour in Pousse Cafe glass as follows: 1/6 glass Raspberry Syrup.

1/6 glass Maraschino. 1/6 glass Green Vanilla. 1/6 glass Curacao. 1/6 glass Yellow Chartreuse. 1/6 glass Brandy. In preparing the above use a small Wineglass with spoon

for pouring in each Cordial separately. Be careful they do not mix together.


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